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Meet the Associates!

William Sterling Duke, MDWilliam Sterling Duke, MD
Assistant Professor
Georgia Regents University
Augusta, GA

After completing a fellowship in Head and Neck Endocrine Surgery I accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at Georgia Regents University. My practice is solely dedicated to thyroid and parathyroid surgery. Continued ATA membership will allow me to provide patients with the most comprehensive, up-to-date care possible.

Allison L. Galloway, DOAllison L. Galloway, DO
Adult Endocrinologist
Freeman Health System
Joplin, MO

I have nothing but positive remarks about the ATA and I have also encouraged other fellows in my training program to join and continue their membership after graduation. The ATA offers a significant amount of support and resources to fellows in training as well as physicians in practice. This is one of the things that has drawn me towards wanting to continue my membership. From the fellows corner as an on-line resource to help guide us during training to the scholarships offered to attend the ATA annual meetings and fellows courses I have been nothing but impressed. I had the opportunity to attend the fellows course last year in Quebec City and gained valuable information I will use in my daily practice and I was grateful for the opportunity to meet those on the forefront of thyroid research.

Although I will have a general endocrinology practice, thyroid disease will make up a majority of my practice only second to diabetes. Being a member of the ATA and having access to the resources and services provided by the ATA will not only make me a better endocrinologist, but will allow me to provide my patients with the care they deserve.

Yana Garger, MDYana Garger, MD
New York University Medical Center
New York, NY

Thyroidology has been and remains my greatest area of interest in endocrinology. As a fellow, my research was focused on the thyroid, and a large portion of my clinical experience has been the treatment of thyroid disease including ultrasound evaluation and ultrasound-guided aspiration of nodules. The ATA has been an invaluable resource in providing educational support. Now that I am in private practice, I turn to the ATA for clinical resources, patient education and practice management.

Mini Ann Mathew, DOMini Ann Mathew, DO
Endocrine Fellow Scott & White/ Texas A&M
Temple, TX

I developed my interest in thyroid during my Fellowship training. It is a fascinating area for me because such a small organ can have an effect on every organ in the body. I addition, there are so many varieties of thyroidal illness.

Many of my peers have been members of the ATA and all have highly recommended that I join it. They have told me that the meetings are very informative especially for a fellow in training. I am also looking forward to accessing a lot of the tools available through the website to help me during my training. I can also use the meetings and the website to network.

Jennifer A. Morrison, MD, PhDJennifer A. Morrison, MD, PhD
Fellow Instructor
University of Colorado Hospital
Denver, CO

On June 30, 2013, I completed my fellowship training in Endocrinology at the University of Colorado Denver. I have continued specific interests in thyroidology and thyroid cancer and plan to continue my membership with the ATA. I will remain active in this field as well by continuing my research efforts on the molecular mechanisms which underlie advanced thyroid cancer development in the laboratory of Bryan R. Haugen, M.D.

Sravanthi Nagavalli, MDSravanthi Nagavalli, MD
Harbor UCLA Medical Center
Torrance, CA

During fellowship there was major focus on thyroid disorders. I was also Sub PI for thyroid cancer related clinical trials at our institution which allowed me to learn the latest developments in the field and helped further my interest in thyroidology.

The practice that I will be joining has significant thyroid pathology. A new cancer center is being added to the organization next year and I hope to be their thyroid cancer expert. I rely on ATA for thyroid resources to develop an excellent thyroid oriented practice and provide exceptional service.

Thomas Clinton Beadnell, Jr. Seda Suvag, MD
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

I have just completed the Endocrinology Fellowship at the University of Washington, and I am interested in maintaining my membership with the ATA. I am interested in learning about the new treatments and guidelines regarding all aspects of thyroid disease specifically thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. As a new endocrinology attending I would be interested in coming to the annual ATA meetings to update my knowledge on thyroidology. I also would like to read the Clinical Thyroidology journal to follow the thyroid literature.

Maria Papaleontiou, MDMaria Papaleontiou, MD
Clinical Lecturer
University of Michigan Health Systems
Ann Arbor, MI

I have completed my fellowship and have started a faculty position at the University of Michigan on July 1, 2013. I have a strong interest in thyroidology and have enjoyed my ATA membership as a fellow. My research focus has been on thyroid cancer research and I have had the opportunity to present at the ATA in the past and also have had a paper published in the journal Thyroid. As I also have a special interest in thyroid disorders in older adults, I have applied for grants to investigate the impact of age and comorbidity on thyroid cancer decision-making, mainly looking at referral patterns to high-volume surgeons. I am also interested in subclinical thyroid dysfunction in older adults.

I would be delighted to continue learning from and contributing to the ATA, and I have already expressed interest in volunteering to the Patient Education and Advocacy Committee and/or the Thyroid Hormone Replacement and Use of Thyroid Hormone Analogues Task Force.

Geoffrey David Young, MD, PhDGeoffrey David Young, MD, PhD
Senior Associate Consultant
Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville, FL

As a General Surgeon who was fellowship trained in Head and Neck Surgery at Johns Hopkins, I feel that my unique perspective on Thyroid Surgery and Thyroid Cancer is valuable to the ATA as much as the ATA's resources are valuable to me. My current practice at the Mayo Clinic sees a large volume of thyroid disease. I feel that continuing membership in the ATA will only help to benefit my patients by helping me to remain updated as the surgical treatment of thyroid disease continues to evolve. I also hope to give back to the ATA by participating on committees, attending meetings, and presenting data from ongoing research projects.