Appendix B: Essential Data Fields for Synoptic Reporting on Patients with Thyroid Cancer

Preoperative Prognostic Indicators


FNA results


Preoperative TNM stage


Known nodal or distant metastasis


Age of patient

Intraoperative course and anatomic findings


Name of operation


Description of gross extrathyroidal cancer extension or invasion


Completeness of resection: suspected gross or microscopic residual thyroid cancer


Extent of thyroid gland resection with details of suspected residual gross or microscopic thyroid tissue


Description and resection of lymph nodes by compartment


Other: laterality of dissection, resection of other tissues or structures, laryngeal nerve management, results of PTH monitoring

Immediate recuperation


Type of anesthesia


Voice or breathing issues


Parathyroid or calcium problems


Management of T4/T3


Other issues

Final staging


Final histology


Cancer size (cm)


Microscopic invasion


Histologic metastasis


Estimates of risk of recurrence and disease specific mortality


Molecular marker status


Aftercare plan