Appendix C: Electronic Template for Day-of-Thyroidectomy Letter to Referring Provider(s)


Referring Provider Name and Address

Dear Dr. XX,

I’m pleased to report that Mr./Ms. YY underwent an uneventful thyroid lobectomy/total thyroidectomy, today/yesterday. Surgery was performed under AA anesthesia, and s/he was discharged on BB date. Notable intraoperative findings were: CC, DD (eg capsular invasion, enlarged nodes, large tumor, nerve invasion etc.) Notable complications were: none/EE.

Mr./Ms. YY was/was not started on routine calcium supplementation which will be weaned as an outpatient. S/he was/was not begun on T4 supplementation. S/he will be reevaluated in my office in 1–3 weeks at which time I will send you a copy of the operative and pathology reports.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the number below should you have any questions.


Dr. WW

Address and phone

cc: PCP, unless same as referring provider