84th Annual Meeting of the ATA

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The ATA provides outstanding leadership in thyroidology by promoting excellence and innovation in clinical care, research, education, and public policy.

Management Guidelines for Children with Thyroid Nodules and Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: The American Thyroid Association Guidelines Task Force on Pediatric Thyroid Cancer (2015)
G. Francis, S.G. Waguespack, A.J. Bauer, P. Angelos, S. Benvenga, J. Cerutti, C.A. Dinauer, J.K. Hamilton, I.D. Hay, M. Luster, M.T. Parisi, M. Rachmiel, G. Thompson, and S. Yamashita

Revised American Thyroid Association Guidelines for the Management of Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma The American Thyroid Association Guidelines Task Force on Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma (2015)
S.A. Wells Jr., S.L. Asa, H. Dralle, R. Elisei, D.B. Evans, R.F. Gagel, N.Y. Lee, A. Machens, J.F. Moley, F. Pacini, F. Raue, K. Frank-Raue, B. Robinson, M.S. Rosenthal, M. Santoro, M. Schlumberger, M.H. Shah, MD, and S.G. Waguespack

Guidelines for the Treatment of Hypothyroidism: Prepared by the American Thyroid Association Task Force on Thyroid Hormone Replacement (2014)
J. Jonklaas, A.C. Bianco, A.J. Bauer, K.D. Burman, A.R. Cappola, F.S. Celi, D.S. Cooper, B. Kim, R. Peeters, M.S. Rosenthal, and A. Sawka

American Thyroid Association Guide to Investigating Thyroid Hormone Economy and Action in Rodent and Cell Models (2013)
A.C. Bianco, G. Anderson, D. Forrest, V.A. Galton, B. Gereben, B.W. Kim, P.A. Kopp, X.H. Liao, M.J. Obregon, R. Peeters, S. Refetoff, D.S. Sharlin, W.S. Simonides, R.E. Weiss, and G.R. Williams

ATA 2014 Abstracts Available Online We are pleased to provide complimentary access to the abstracts for the 84th Annual Meeting of the American Thyroid Association, October 29 through November 2 at the Hotel Del Coronado, California.

Session Recordings – The American Thyroid Association® Session Recordings are a compilation of video recordings and synchronized slides for ATA Annual Meetings, CEU, and ATA Symposia.

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Leo Kim, MD, PhD – Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA
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