American Thyroid Association® (ATA) partners enable us to provide vibrant, top-notch thyroid professional education. Our collaborations are invaluable and help us to fulfill our mission.

ATA Partner Engagement Packages offer an opportunity for increased visibility and recognition to share innovations, enhance knowledge and expand available resources.  Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages are available to allow partners to engage at the level that best meets their needs and goals.

Thank you to our current Engagement Partner(s):

Platinum Partner: Horizon Therapeutics

Horizon Therapeutics

NOTE: The ATA has external financial and business relationships with partners in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, which are important for its mission. In order to make these relationships transparent to its members and general public, the ATA makes available the ATA Funding Sources and Utilization Disclosure, which is updated annually. ATA does not endorse any company, program or service provided by our partners. This information is provided for informational purposes and does not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the ATA.

American Thyroid Association 2020 Webinar Summer Series

Horizon Product Theater