Women in Thyroidology (WIT) Semi-annual Newsletter SPRING 2017

President's Corner

The Women in Thyroidology (WIT) group of the ATA is celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of a special initiative begun in 2002 to increase participation by women in our wonderful society. Since then the WIT has made significant strides in increasing women membership in the ATA, established the WIT Woman of the Year award in recognition of those who strive to selflessly fulfill the mission of WIT and also plays an integral role in mentoring of women trainees.

The women in our Association are leaders in thyroidology and eager to serve as mentors for new members. We would like to encourage women scientists and physicians to participate in the camaraderie and benefits offered by our Association, including the WIT taskforce. The ATA thrives on close ties among members and more so a collegial atmosphere at the annual meeting. If you are new to the ATA, you will find this meeting to be one of warmth and collegiality; we hope that this is the first of many ATA meetings that you will attend.

See you in October!

WIT Woman of the Year

Women in Thyroidology (WIT) elects a Woman of the Year who is announced during the Women in Thyroidology yearly gathering held at the Annual Meeting of the ATA.

The Woman of the Year is selected based on her long-standing commitment to the ATA and to the advancement of women both within the organization and in the thyroid field. The nominees need not have been recognized for their academic or clinical contributions.

We are pleased to have recognized the following women for their outstanding commitment to mentoring and advancing Women in Thyroidology:

2012 – Carole A. Spencer, PhD
2013 – Virginia D. Sarapura, MD
2014 – Rebecca S. Bahn, MD
2015 – Stephanie Lee, MD, PhD
2016 – M. Carol Greenlee, MD
2017 – Submit your nominations by August 1st

We invite you to nominate your female colleagues for the 2017 WIT Woman of the Year Award - Please submit your nominations to this online form by August 1st.

Please join us on Thursday, October 19th 7:00 AM at the Women in Thyroidology Networking Meeting during the 87th Annual Meeting of the ATA in Victoria, BC, Canada.