Each year, our Corporate Leadership Council partners come together to meet with ATA leadership, volunteers and select faculty for an open and collegial forum to learn, share, and discuss matters of mutual interest.  This is a dynamic, thyroid-focused group that engages in cooperative and transparent discussions and is provided updates first-hand from ATA thyroid experts.  We are pleased to share with you the 2016 CLC meeting agenda and faculty presentations that provided insights on thyroid cancer and industry relationships and collaborations.  We are very grateful to our CLC partners for their interest and dedication to working with the ATA to support our mission of education, awareness, research, and improved outcomes for patients with thyroid conditions and thyroid cancer.

2016 Corporate Leadership Council Agenda (PDF File, 190 KB)

Presentation: The Major Evolution in Clinical Detection of Thyroid Cancer and MTC since 2000
Presented by R. Michael Tuttle, MD, Professor of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center(PDF File, 2.2 MB)