ATA 100th Anniversary

We are excited to celebrate the ATA Centennial this year and invite you to be part of this historic event!

During the past 100 years, our community has grown since the Illinois Clinical Club met and established the “The American Association for the Study of Goiter”. We now have nearly 1,800 members in 70 countries from many fields including clinicians, surgeons, researchers and trainees around the world.

Help Us Reach our Fundraising Goal

We’ve set a goal to raise $125,000 during the Centennial year.  Contributions to the Centennial Funds will help

  • Develop and disseminate patient education materials 
  • Fund discovery and innovation through research grants 
  • Create and update professional resources like our guidelines and statements 
  • Enable our trainee grant program to keep the future of thyroidology strong 
  • Help create and disseminate resources to celebrate the ATA Centennial 

Please consider a donation to one of the funds below in celebration of ATA’s 100 years of service!

  • Recognizing Our Past & Celebrating the Future – This assists in developing activities and products that capture, record and disseminate knowledge about the growth and development of the ATA. It will also help support initiatives that celebrate the Centennial. Examples include video productions and resources of ATA’s history, founders, and leadership, onsite activities at the 2023 ATA Annal Meeting, travel grants for the 2023 ATA Annual Meeting. Unused funds after the Centennial Year will be transferred to the ATA Annual Fund for future use.
  • Ensuring Our Future – This fund is a donation to the ATA General Fund. It will be added to the Endowment’s unrestricted funds, which are used to support ATA and strategic initiatives in the future.

Recognition Levels

Donors to the Centennial Fund/Campaign will be recognized at the following donor levels:

Pacesetter – $10K+ 
Trailblazer – $5,000-$9999 
Visionary – $1000-$4,999 
Supporter – $100-$999 

Multi-Year Pledges

If you’d like to make a multi-year pledge, please email or complete this pledge form.

Donate Today!