ATA Endorsement & Sponsorship Policies for
Events, Publications and Educational Programs

The American Thyroid Association (ATA) has established Endorsement and Sponsorship Policies for
situations where the ATA is asked to publicly express approval of (or support for) an event, activity, or
educational program that is developed by an outside entity. The ATA Endorsement Committee is
responsible for the review of all requests and has established the following procedures for submission
and review of endorsement requests:

  1. For consideration, all events, activities, or educational programs must meet the following criteria:
    1. The program must be compatible with the ATA’s mission and strategic plan and have a
      clear thyroid‐related mission.
    2. There must be a demonstrable benefit to the ATA and/or ATA members from the

      • Events/Programs sponsored by for‐profit entities are only eligible for
        endorsement with a negotiated benefit to the ATA which can be utilized to
        support the ATA’s mission.
    3. ATA members must be among the organizers, speakers, and/or participants
    4. Commercial supporters of the event (if any) may not influence the content of the program,
      the speaker/participant selection, or the content of the report or other documents
      produced from the endorsed program.
  2. All applications must be submitted no less than 60 days before the scheduled event; submissions less
    than 60 days before a scheduled event will be considered late and may or may not be reviewed.
  3. Applicants must provide all requested information; incomplete applications or those without
    supporting documentation will not be reviewed.

Endorsement of an event, activity, or educational program is offered under the following terms:

  1. The American Thyroid Association reserves the right to decline any request.
  2. . No warranty or guarantee shall be conveyed by the ATA’s endorsement. The ATA’s endorsement shall
    not include the content of any presentation or materials provided at an endorsed event or, without
    review by the ATA and a separate agreement, any report or other materials published from the event.
    The outside entity must agree to indemnify the ATA against all claims and related costs arising from
    the event, activity, or product endorsed.
  3. Approved programs may be advertised as “Endorsed by The American Thyroid Association” with approved use of the ATA’s logo. The ATA will provide limited marketing support, including featured listing on ATA’s upcoming events and inclusion in appropriate communications to members, as deemed relevant and appropriate. The ATA does not provide CME credit for endorsed programs.
  4. The American Thyroid Association name, logo, acronym, and tag line are the exclusive property of the American Thyroid Association and may only be used with permission.