American Thyroid Association (ATA) Endorsement Policies

American Thyroid Association (ATA) policies related to request for endorsement of educational material or programs, events, and other products developed outside of the ATA are outlined below. All endorsement requests will be submitted to the ATA Office who, after ensuring full completion of the application form, will forward the request to the ATA Endorsement Task Force. The ATA Endorsement Task Force will oversee review of all requests and ensure input from all relevant ATA Committees and Task Forces occurs prior to forwarding to the ATA Executive Committee and ATA Board for final action.

  1. All events, activities, products or educational programs must meet the following criteria:
    1. Must be compatible with the ATA’s values, mission and strategic plan and have clear benefit to providers, patients, researchers and/or the public in relation to improving thyroid health.
    2. A demonstrable benefit to the ATA and/or ATA members related to providing an endorsement
    3. ATA member involvement in the development of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and other educational products is not required but is preferred.
    4. Content is expected to be consistent with published/stated ATA positions.
    5. Commercial supporters of the event (if any) may not influence the content of the program, the speaker/participant selection, or the content of the report or other documents produced from the endorsed program.
  2. Submissions need occur no less than 60 days prior to the scheduled event; submissions less than 60 days before a scheduled event will not be considered for review.
  3. Applications must be complete. Incomplete applications or those lacking required supporting documentation will not be reviewed.
  4. Endorsement of an event, activity, product or educational program is offered under the following terms and limitations:
    1. The ATA reserves the right to decline any request.
    2. Endorsement by the ATA does not convey any guarantee. ATA endorsement will not include the content of any presentation or materials provided at an endorsed event. Separate ATA review of material and approval is necessary prior to endorsement of other materials related to or published from the event. The outside entity must agree to indemnify the ATA against all claims and related costs arising from the event, activity, or product endorsed.
    3. The ATA reserves the right to withdraw an endorsement at any time if in the opinion of the ATA Board of Directors the proposal is inconsistent with or no longer relevant to the mission of the ATA or the use of the ATA logo is not felt appropriate.
    4. Approved programs may be advertised as “Endorsed by the American Thyroid Association” with limited approved use of the ATA’s logo. The ATA may provide limited marketing support such as listing on the ATA website and inclusion in communications to members, as deemed relevant and appropriate. The ATA will not provide CME credit for endorsed programs.
    5. The ATA name, logo, acronym, and tag line are the exclusive property of the American Thyroid Association and may only be used with permission and are limited in duration as specified.