Valerie Anne Galton

Valerie Anne Galton Distinguished Lectureship Award

A member of the American Thyroid Association (ATA) since 1963, Valerie Anne Galton, PhD has been instrumental in collaborative research significantly contributing to the advancement of our thyroid clinical knowledge. The ATA has established this award and lectureship to recognize Dr. Galton’s contributions and to recognize an ATA member who demonstrates those attributes.

The Valerie Anne Galton Distinguished Lectureship Award is also the first ATA award named in honor of a woman.

Endowment Fund

ATA has established a fundraising team to establish an endowment to support an honorarium, travel stipend to attend the ATA Annual Meeting, and administrative costs associated with the award.

Endowment Fund Goals

The fundraising goal is $250,000 to endow the award.  To date, we are at 56% of our fundraising goal.

Thank You Donors

ATA members and friends of Dr. Galton have generously contributed to the endowment fund and we are and we hope you will consider making a charitable donation.  View the current donors.

Support the Endowment Fund

Please make an online donation to support the Galton Fund and help us reach our goal.


2021 – Sheue-yann Cheng, Ph.D.
2022 – Nancy Carrasco, MD
2023 – Anne R. Cappola, MD, Sc.M

Steering Committee

Peter Kopp and Megan Haymart (co-chairs)
Frances Carr
Valerie Anne Galton
Jacqueline Jonklaas
Donald St. Germain
Ralph Tufano
Martha Zeiger