ATA® Guidelines Development

The American Thyroid Association® (ATA) is the leading worldwide organization dedicated to the advancement, understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders and thyroid cancer.

The Guidelines were compiled by American Thyroid Association® Guidelines Taskforces selected for their expertise on the topic. The Guidelines are reviewed by the ATA® Board of Directors and submitted to the ATA® membership for comment.

GUIDELINES Pocketcards

Official American Thyroid Association® Practice GUIDELINES Pocketcards quick reference-tools provide your physicians, fellows, nurses, and students with instant access to current ATA® guidelines information in a clear concise format.

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Process for initiating a new ATA guideline or statement for peer reviewed publication

American Thyroid Association® (ATA) Guidelines and Surgical Statements

ATA Guidelines

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ATA Guidelines Disclaimer

The American Thyroid Association develops Clinical Practice Guidelines to provide guidance and recommendations for particular practice areas concerning thyroid disease and thyroid cancer. The Guidelines are not inclusive of all proper approaches or methods, or exclusive of others. The Guidelines do not establish a standard of care and specific outcomes are not guaranteed.

Treatment decisions must be made based on the independent judgment of health care providers and each patient’s individual circumstances. A guideline is not intended to take the place of physician judgment in diagnosing and treatment of particular patients. Read More…