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Volume 16

Clinical Thyroidology® for the Public summarizes selected research studies discussed in the previous month’s issue of Clinical Thyroidology, an official publication of the American Thyroid Association®.

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In this issue Volume 16 Issue 9, the studies ask the following questions:

  • What are the drawbacks to active surveillance for low risk thyroid cancer?
  • Does active surveillance make patients more or less anxious?
  • How do we make better shared-decisions for thyroid cancer?
  • Is thyroid cancer more or less severe in children?
  • What is the risk of cancer in indeterminate thyroid biopsies?
  • How common is thyroid storm and which groups have the highest rates of death from this condition?

In this issue Volume 16 Issue 8, the studies ask the following questions:

  • What are potential impacts of thyroid cancer treatment on fertility in young women?
  • Has there been any change in the incidence of hypothyroidism in the United States?
  • When should a levothyroxine absorption test be considered?
  • Does Vitamin D supplementation decrease the relapse rate in Graves’ disease?
  • How dose hypoparathyroidism after thyroid surgery affect patient’s quality of life?
  • Does radioactive iodine therapy have any effect on survival in hürthle-cell cancer?

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