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Clinical Thyroidology for Patients

Clinical Thyroidology for the Public summarizes selected research studies discussed in the previous month’s issue of Clinical Thyroidology, an official publication of the American Thyroid Association.
Editor-in-chief, Alan Farwell, MD

April Thyroid Awareness

Volume 8 Issue 7

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Editor’s Comments

THYROID AND WEIGHT Fat accumulation within the thyroid may affect the thyroid function
Lee MH et al. Thyroid dysfunction associated with follicular cell steatosis in obese male mice and humans. Endocrinology 2015;156:1181-93. Epub January 2, 2015.
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HYPOTHYROIDISM Serum TSH concentrations are associated with cholesterol levels in children and adolescents
Witte T et al Association between serum thyroid-stimulating hormone levels and serum lipids in children and adolescents: a population-based study of German youth. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. March 17, 2015 [ePub ahead of print].
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THYROID AND PREGNANCY Graves’ disease and pregnancy
Andersen SL et al. Hyperthyroidism incidence fluctuates widely in and around pregnancy and is at variance with some other autoimmune diseases: A Danish population based study. J. Clin. Endocrinol Metab. 100: 1164-1171. 2015.
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THYROID NODULES Benign thyroid nodules remain benign during follow-up
Durante C et al The natural history of benign thyroid nodules. JAMA 2015;313:926-35.
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THYROID CANCER Lenvatinib increases survival in patients with metastatic radioiodine-resistant thyroid cancer
Schlumberger M et al. Lenvatinib versus placebo in radioiodine-refractory thyroid cancer. N Engl J Med 2015;372:621-30.
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