Joining the American Thyroid Association (ATA) is easy for trainees! All that is needed for Associate membership is a completed electronic or print membership application and a letter from their program director, program coordinator, or program administrator confirming their fellow, resident, and/or student’s program start and end dates.

Apply to the ATA Online
ATA Training Verification Form

ATA Trainees’ Benefits

  • Information about our upcoming educational events including our annual E. Chester Ridgway Trainee Conference and complimentary access to past meeting recordings and materials.
  • Access to the Trainees’ Corner and Members Only
  • Electronic subscription to the Journal Thyroid®Clinical Thyroidology®, a digest with summaries and clinical commentaries on key articles in the thyroid literature and VideoEndocrinology™ and Clinical Thyroidology® for Public,
  • Streaming Video Presentations from the ATA Trainees’ Educational Track sessions on core thyroid topics including thyroid ultrasound and thyroid disease and pregnancy.
  • Access and first look at clinical guidelines for management of thyroid diseases and thyroid cancer
  • Patient education brochures for all thyroid diseases and Clinical Thyroidology for Public, an online digest of selected commentaries on key thyroid research for the public
  • ATA calculators
  • Items of interest offered exclusively to our early career members also include: meeting discounts and grants, poster awards, member news, online member directory, career center, and professional development resources

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