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Clinical Thyroidology for Patients

Clinical Thyroidology for Patients, edited by Dr. Alan Farwell, is a collection of summaries of recently published articles from the medical literature that covers the broad spectrum of thyroid disorders.

Starting with the May 2009 issue, Clinical Thyroidology for Patients will be published on a monthly basis and include summaries of research studies that were discussed in the previous month’s issue of Clinical Thyroidology, a publication of the American Thyroid Association for physicians. Dr. Hershman is the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Thyroidology.

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Clinical Thyroidology
for Patients Volume 6

Volume 6 Issue 5

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Editor’s Comments

HYPERTHYROIDISM Does high-normal thyroid function increase risk for atrial fibrillation?
Selmer C et al. The spectrum of thyroid disease and risk of new onset atrial fibrillation: a large population cohort study. BMJ. November 27, 2012 [Epub ahead of print].
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HYPOTHYROIDISM Lower total T4 levels in the umbilical cord are associated with higher child brain developmental testing scores
Williams FL et al. Maternal and Umbilical Cord Levels of T4, FT4, TSH, TPOAb, and TgAb in Term Infants and Neurodevelopmental Outcome at 5.5 Years. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2013;98:829-38.
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THYROID SURGERY Robotic thyroidectomy costs more than standard cervical thyroidectomy
Cabot JC et al. Robotic and endoscopic transaxillary thyroidectomies may be cost prohibitive when compared to standard cervical thyroidectomy. Surgery 2012;152:1016-24.
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THYROID CANCER Life expectancy in thyroid cancer patients is reduced when age at initial treatment is greater than 45
Verburg FA et al Life expectancy is reduced in differentiated thyroid cancer patients >= than 45 years old with extensive local tumor invasion, lateral lymph node, or distant metastases at diagnosis and normal in all other DTC patients. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2013;98:172-80.
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THYROID CANCER Long-term salivary gland function in thyroid cancer survivors who received radioactive iodine
Jeong SY et al. Salivary gland function five years after a radioiodine ablation in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer: direct comparison of pre and post-ablation scintigraphies and their relation to xerostomia symptoms. Thyroid. November 15, 2012.
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