ATA members are leaders in thyroidology who are transforming thyroid care through clinical excellence, education, scientific discovery and advocacy in a collaborative community.


Join us in this era of rapid pace biomedical discovery as we envision optimal thyroid health for all through increased understanding of the causes and improvements in the clinical management of thyroid diseases.

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The ATA represents the best vehicle worldwide for thyroidologists to share information that improves detection and treatment of thyroid disease, advances basic and clinical thyroid research, and provides a collegial setting for professional development.

A close-knit, collegial group of physicians and scientists, the ATA is dedicated to the research and treatment of thyroid diseases. ATA’s rich history dates back to 1923 and its members are respected worldwide as leaders in thyroidology.

The ATA encourages you to apply for membership. We want you to experience the wealth of knowledge and enjoy the benefits of being active in this highly specialized and regarded society.

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