As part of our Centennial, a series of articles and videos were created to celebrate the past contributions of the ATA membership, look back on the advances in thyroid research and care over the past 100 years, and look into the future for what’s next.  Bookmark this page to view new content as it is posted online.

Additionally, the Clark T Sawin History Resource Center  has detailed resources on the ATA’s history.

Special thanks to

  • David S. Cooper, MD, Elizabeth Pearce, MD, and the late Jerry Hershman, MD for working with Anna Sawka, MD and the Thyroid journal leadership to invite these manuscripts.
  • Sara Ahmadi, MD Victor Bernet, MD and Michael Yeh, MD for working with Catherine Sinclair, MD and the VideoEndocrinology leadership to invite these videos.
  • Anna Sawka, MD and Catherine Sinclair, MD for working with Angela Leung, MD and the Clinical Thyroidology leadership to promote these historical resources.


January Read Online:  Thyroid Hormone Metabolism: A Historical Perspective 

View Interview with Valerie Galton & Meredith Hartley

Valerie Anne Galton and Arturo Hernandez
February Read Online: The Prevention of Iodine Deficiency: A History

View Interview with Elizabeth Pearce and Sun Lee

Elizabeth Pearce and Michael Zimmerman
March Read Online: Discoveries In Thyroid Autoimmunity In The Past Century

View Interview with Sandra McLachlan, Basil Rapoport and Gregory A. Brent

Sandra McLachlan and Basil Rapoport
April Laboratory Thyroid Tests – A Historical Perspective

Interview Coming June 2023

Carole Spencer
May Landmark Discoveries In Maternal-Fetal Thyroid Disease Over The Past Century

Interview Coming June 2023

Angela Leung
June Radioactive Iodine: A Living History

Interview Coming June 2023

Douglas Ross and Gilbert Daniels
July Discoveries Around The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis Paolo Beck-Peccoz and Jerry Hershman (deceased in July 2022)
August History of Thyroid Ultrasound Robert Levine
September History of Thyroid Surgery In The Last Century Lisa Orloff and Sareh Parangi
October Thyroid Hormone Action Gregory A. Brent
November Thyroid Cancer Molecular Genetics


James Fagin
December The Origin of Antithyroid Drugs David Cooper


March   View Video: Personal Reflections on the History of Graves’ Disease Treatment  Terry Davies and Dawn Elfenbein
June  History Of Thyroid Cancer Surgical Pathology  Ronald Ghossein and Sara Jiang
September   The Use And Abuse Of Thyroid Hormone Replacement Victor Bernet and Anne Cappola 
December   Treatment De-Escalation Focusing On The Extent Of Thyroid Surgery And Active Surveillance And Non-Surgical Treatment Of Thyroid Nodules   Louise Davies and Megan Haymart