Committees and Task Forces

Our members are important contributors to implementing our strategic plan and developing ATA’s programs and services.  They do so by participating on committees and task forces.

Standing Committees work on a variety of initiatives including advising on policy, creating educational programs, developing patient education materials, and supporting membership recruitment and retention.  Committee members serve multi-year terms and are appointed by the President to serve in these roles.

Task Forces are ad-hoc groups with a specific task that is outside the scope of an existing committee and focuses on a timely issue.  These are typically short-term, focused groups and are also appointed by the President.

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Committees and Task Forces


The Awards Committee shall select the recipients of the Van Meter Award, the Sidney H. Ingbar Distinguished Lectureship, the Val Galton Lectureship Award, the Lewis Braverman Distinguished Lectureship, the Distinguished Service Award and the John B. Stanbury Thyroid Pathophysiology Medal.

Awards Committee members will serve as ambassadors to encourage nominations, with a particular focus on expanding the diversity of the nominees. The committee will consider the nominees and make recommendations as to the most worthy recipient to the Board of Directors.

Awards Committee Roster

Andrew Gianoukakis, Chair (2020-2021)
Bernadette Biondi (2018-2021)
Kristien Boelaert (2020-2023)
Quan-Yang Duh (2019-2022)
Whitney Goldner (2018-2021)
Kathryn Schuff (2020-2023)
Rebecca Schweppe (2020-2023)
Ari Wassner (2020-2023)
Geoffrey Young (2019-2022)
Board Liaison: Naifa Busaidy
Staff Liaison: Josette Paige

Bylaws Committee Charge

  • Bylaws review
  • Bylaws revision oversight

The Bylaws Committee will consist of up to four members.

The Bylaws Committee shall examine the Bylaws and Recommend appropriate changes to the Board and membership. The Bylaws committee shall keep a record of all bylaws changes recommended by the membership at annual meeting in order to incorporate them into written proposed amendments. The proposed amendments must be presented in writing to the membership 60 days before the annual business meeting. A two-thirds vote or more of members’ present will be required for passage.

Bylaws Committee Roster


The Clinical Affairs Committee shall review issues relevant to standards of practice in thyroid disease and update publications and other recommendations relating to practice guideline, which have been published on behalf of the Association regarding practice guidelines. The Committee shall also receive, review, and prepare responses to matters affecting the practice of clinical thyroidology, in coordination with other committees as needed. The Committee shall coordinate with the Guidelines and Statements Committee prior to initiating the development of statements to ensure that pursuits are aligned, approved, not already in progress.

Clinical Affairs Committee Roster

Valerie Peck, Chair (2020-2021)
Wendy Sacks, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Sarimar Agosto Salgado (2019-2022)
Athanasios Bikas (2020-2023)
Mayumi Endo (2019-2022)
Cheryl Fassler (2018-2021)
Henry Fein (2018-2021)
Jeffrey Garber (2018-2021)
Loren Wissner Greene (2020-2023)
Anupam Kotwal (2020-2023)
Stephanie Lee (2018-2021)
Debra Margulies (2020-2023)
Pieter Noordzij (2018-2021)
Jennifer Perkins (2018-2021)
Randall Scheri (2018-2021)
Vibhavasu Sharma (2020-2023)
Board Liaison: Celeste Hart
Staff Liaison: Carrie Prewitt


Works with Board of Directors and staff to explore new funding opportunities and revenue sources from stakeholders in the thyroid space.

Development Committee Roster

Frances Carr, Chair (2020-2021)
Ralph Tufano, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Paul Casanova-Romero (2019-2022)
Hossein Gharib (2018-2021)
James Hennessey (2020-2023)
David Hughes (2019-2022)
Lawrence Kim (2018-2021)
Victoria Lai (2020-2023)
Rebecca Leboeuf (2020-2023)
John Lew (2019-2022)
Mark Lupo (2020-2023)
Julia Noel (2020-2023)
Gregory Randolph (2018-2021)
Rokshana Thanadar (2017-2021)
Board Liaison: Joshua Klopper
Staff Liaison: Kelly Hoff

Ethics Advisory Committee Charge

The ATA Ethics Advisory Committee (EAC) advises the ATA Board in three main areas:

  • Professional ethics issues
  • Research ethics issues
  • Clinical ethics issues

The EAC fulfills the above through four main activities:

  1. Consultation. A request for an ethics opinion may come to the EAC through ATA members or the Board of Directors (BOD).
  2.  Advisory communications. The EAC shall bring urgent and non-urgent agenda items to the ATA President or Secretary/COO or Executive Director’s attention (via phone call) before action is taken.
  3.  Education. The EAC may suggest topics of educational interest for presentation at the annual meeting, as requested by the Program Committee.
  4. Publications. The EAC shall periodically write articles and statements to be submitted for publication; after review and approval by the ATA Guidelines and Statement Committee and the ATA Board of Directors if necessary.

The ATA Ethics Advisory Committee shall consist of 7-9 members, including the chair. All members shall have a strong knowledge base or interest in bioethics.

Ethics Advisory Committee Roster


The Finance and Audit Committee shall

  1. Recommend balanced annual budgets to the Board of Directors
  2. Monitor the Society’s finances and report on any significant
    budget variances to the Board of Directors
  3. Recommend appropriate organizational fiscal policies
  4. Ensure that adequate internal controls are maintained to protect and safeguard the Society’s assets
  5. Affirm proposal from Executive Director on which firm should be selected as the Society’s independent auditor
  6. Review recommendations and decisions of the Board of Directors Investment Policy Committee to oversee the Society’s investment portfolio in a fiscally responsible manner

Finance and Audit Committee Roster

Anthony Hollenberg, Chair and Treasurer-elect (2020-2021)
Giuseppe Barbesino (2019-2022)
Lindsay Bischoff (2019-2022)
Emad Kandil (2019-2022)
Marina Nikiforova (2018-2021)
Russell Smith (2018-2021)
Brendan Stack (2019-2022)
Maria Trovato (2018-2021)
Julie Ann Sosa, Treasurer and Board Liaison
Staff Liaison: Josette Paige, Amanda Perl


Improve and sustain the quality of ATA Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) and Statements
Promote diversity among authors of ATA documents and patient stakeholder representation on guidelines

 The Guidelines and Statements Committee (GSC) will improve and sustain the quality of ATA Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) and Statements. The committee will also maintain an active list of official ATA guidelines and statements, proactively identify new statements to create and evaluate proposals for new ATA guidelines and statements.

 The GSC will ensure that ATA guidelines follow the GRADE methodology in a consistent manner.

Guidelines and Statements Committee Roster

Brian Kim, Chair (2020-2021)
Peter Angelos, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Erik Alexander (2020-2023)
Alessandro Antonelli (2019-2022)
Victoria Banuchi (2020-2023)
Sofie Bliddal (2019-2022)
Catherine Dinauer (2019-2022)
Shirin Haddady (2020-2023)
Bryan Haugen (2017-2021)
Electron Kebebew (2019-2022)
Priya Mahajan (2020-2023)
Susan Mandel (2017-2022)
Spyridoula Maraka (2020-2023)
Ellen Marqusee (2020-2023)
Benjamin Roman (2019-2022)
Catherine Sinclair (2017-2021)
Board Liaison: Megan Haymart
Staff Liaison: Kelly Hoff


The History and Archives Committee shall obtain, collate, file, and record relevant information pertaining to past, present, or future events of the Association, which will be maintained at the Association’s Headquarters’ office. The Committee shall also determine the presenter of the Sawin Vignette and maintain “The Clark T. Sawin History Resource Center.”

History and Archives Committee Roster

John Morris, Chair (2020-2021)
Kenneth Ain (2018-2021)
Charles Emerson (2019-2023)
Thomas Fahey (2018-2021)
Valerie Galton (2018-2021)
Jerome Hershman (2019-2023)
Stephen LaFranchi (2018-2021)
Elizabeth McAninch (2018-2021)
Edward Merker (2019-2023)
Dan Mihailescu (2018-2021)
Carla Moran (2018-2021)
Fadi Nabhan (2015-2021)
Robert Smallridge (2019-2023)
Anu Vishwanath (2020-2023)
Board Liaison: Peter Kopp
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano


The International Coordinating Committee will work closely with each of the other Thyroid Associations to help propose meeting sites and times and to help coordinate all relevant scientific, economic, and geographical considerations relevant to International Meetings.

International Coordinating Committee  Roster

Victor Bernet (2020-2021)
Jacqueline Jonklaas (2019-2023)
Staff Liaison: Amanda Perl


The Internet and Social Media Communications Committee serves as the editorial board of the ATA website and will advise staff on usability and content needs.

 Additionally, the Committee will:
-Participate in social media interactions that support the ATA social media strategy
-Evaluate social media initiatives and collaboration opportunities
-Provide suggestions to staff for ATA social media content


Website Editorial Board

Avital Harari, Chair (2019-2021)
Jochen Lorch, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Eduard-Alexandru Bonci (2020-2023)
Edward Chin (2018-2021)
Samantha Diamond-Rossi (2020-2023)
Benjamin Gigliotti (2019-2022)
Mimi Hu (2018-2021)
Hooman Motahari (2020-2023)
Christian Nasr (2019-2022)
Sarah Oltmann (2018-2021)
Nitin Pagedar (2019-2022)
Sarika Rao (2019-2022)
Samira Sadowski (2019-2022)
Rupendra Shrestha (2018-2021)
Board Liaison: Thomas Giordano
Staff Liaison: Kelly Hoff, Carrie Prewitt


The role of the Laboratory Services Committee is to serve as a resource to the ATA and its membership on all aspects of clinical laboratory testing relevant to thyroid health and disease. All members shall have a strong knowledge base and interest in clinical laboratory testing. Their combined knowledge base should cover most aspects of clinical laboratory practice relevant to clinical thyroidology.

Lab Services Committee Roster

Virginia LiVolsi, Chair (2020-2021)
Vivian Weiss, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Shema Ahmad (2018-2021)
Sana Ghaznavi (2019-2022)
Sina Jasim (2018-2021)
George Kahaly (2018-2021)
Chienying Liu (2018-2021)
Debora Mainardi-Novo (2019-2022)
Lauren Nicole Parsons (2019-2022)
Motoyasu Saji (2020-2023)
Board Liaison: Naifa Busaidy
Staff Liaison: Kelly Hoff, Claudia Crail-Muñoz


-The Membership Panel will review all ATA membership applications.

Membership Panel Roster

Jennifer Mammen, Chair (2019-2021)
Vishnu Sundaresh, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Raad Al-Saffar (2020-2023)
Myriem Boufraqech (2019-2022)
Tyler Drake (2018-2021)
Cristiane Gomes Lima (2019-2022)
James Suliburk (2019-2022)
Ann Marie Zavacki (2019-2022)
Board Liaison: Antonio Di Cristofano
Staff Liaison: Carrie Prewitt



The ATA Nominating Committee is charged with providing the membership with a slate of candidates to fulfill the Board of Directors commitment to diversity and representation.

Nominating Committee Roster

Laura Boucai, Chair (2020-2021)
Andrew Bauer (2020-2023)
Sheue-yann Cheng (2020-2023)
Gerard Doherty (2018-2021)
John Morris (2018-2021)
Sara Pai (2019-2022)
Mary Samuels (2020-2023)
Anna Sawka (2020-2023)
Steven Sherman (2018-2021)
Maisie Shindo (2018-2021)
Peter Singer (2018-2021)
Michael Thomas (2019-2022)
Vasyl Vasko (2019-2022)
Board Liaison: Amy Chen
Jacqueline Jonklaas, Ex Officio
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano, Amanda Per


The overarching goal for the Patient Affairs and Education Committee is to continually identify and pursue opportunities in support of the ATA goal to be the patient-preferred resource for education and information pertaining to thyroid disease. This includes developing patient resources for the website, coordinating patient forums, and suggesting content for the patient newsletter. The Committee will also work with the Development Committee to explore opportunities for funding patient resources and activities.

Patient Affairs & Education Committee Roster

Siobhan Pittock, Chair (2020-2021)
Trevor Angell, Past Chair (2020-2021)
Trisha Dee Cubb (2019-2022)
Kimberly Dorris (2018-2021)
Sharon Ferraro (2020-2023)
Stephanie Fish (2020-2023)
Natalia Genere (2020-2023)
Carol Greenlee (2020-2023)
Allen Ho (2018-2021)
Sissy Jhiang (2020-2023)
Sandra Licht (2018-2021)
Hyesoo Lowe (2020-2023)
Michele Merten (2018-2021)
Payal Patel (2020-2023)
Liuska Pesce (2019-2022)
Joseph Scharpf (2018-2021)
Connie Trump (2019-2022)
Board Liaison: Amy Chen
Staff Liaison: Kelly Hoff, Claudia Crail-Muñoz


The Program Committee shall consist of a balance of specialty areas with members serving staggered three-year terms. In general, the Co- chairs, will represent clinical and basic science and shall have been committee members for two years. The Program Committee shall select from abstracts submitted to it those topics, subjects, or papers that are to be presented at the scientific meeting of the Association and to arrange their order of presentation.

No abstract, a major portion of which has been published or read before any other national or international meeting in North America shall be considered for presentation on the scientific program of the Association unless by special permission of the Program Committee.

 The committee may with the consent of the Board of Directors arrange for invited lectures or symposia as part of the scientific program.

The Program committee shall follow the organizational timeline in order that faculty are invited, the program developed, and arrangements made by the headquarters’ staff to distribute the program. All accepted abstracts will be published unless withdrawn by the author.

Those who have submitted abstracts and titles for the program will be informed as quickly as possible of the action of the committee after its deliberations.

Satellite programming to the annual meeting may be added as appropriate based on need, gap or interest as designated by the Board of Directors with consultation to the Program Committee. Consultation with staff shall be required to ensure the availability of contract meeting facility space to add additional programming.

The Program Committee shall support headquarters staff with the appropriate scientific information and data required to pursue continuing medical education accreditation and educational grant support.

ATA Program Committees will exercise highest ethical standards, be transparent in dualities and conflicts of interest, and aim to be diverse, equitable and inclusive throughout their deliberations and decisions.

Program Committee – Annual Meeting Roster

Catherine Dinauer, Co-Chair (2017-2021)
Christine Spitzweg, Co-Chair (2018-2021)
Antonio Bianco (2020-2023)
Kevin Brumund (2018-2021)
John Copland (2018-2021)
Leonidas Duntas (2020-2023)
Whitney Goldner (2020-2023)
Cari Kitahara (2020-2023)
Jeffrey Knauf (2020-2023)
Chris McCabe (2020-2023)
Susanne Neumann (2020-2023)
Maria Papaleontiou (2020-2023)
Kepal Patel (2020-2023)
Manisha Shah (2020-2023)
Marius Stan (2020-2023)
David Steward (2018-2021)
Cord Sturgeon (2020-2023)
Tracy Tylee (2020-2023)
Board Liaison: Victor Bernet
Staff Liaison: Josette Paige, Amanda Perl

Program Committee – Year in Thyroidology

M. Regina Castro, Co-Chair (2020-2021)
Michael Yeh, Co-Chair (2020-2021)
Naykky Singh Ospina (2020-2021)
Jennifer Sipos (2020-2021)
Marius Stan (2020-2021)
Mark Zafereo (2020-2021)
Board Liaison: Joshua Klopper
Staff Liaison: Amanda Perl, Claudia Crail-Muñoz

Program Committees Charge

  • Program for Annual Meeting
  • CME Symposia
  • Sawin Historical Vignette
  • Bauman Clinical Symposium
  • Programs for Spring Meetings and Symposia
  1. The Annual Program Committee shall consist of a balance of specialty areas with members serving staggered three-year terms. In general, the Co-chairs, will represent clinical and basic science and shall have been committee members for two years. The Program Committee shall select from abstracts submitted to it those topics, subjects, or papers that are to be presented at the scientific meetings of the Association and to arrange their order of presentation.
  2. No abstract, a major portion of which has been published or read before any other national or international meeting in North America shall be considered for presentation on the scientific program of the Association unless by special permission of the Program Committee.
  3. The committee may with the consent of the Board of Directors arrange for invited lectures or symposia as part of the scientific program.
  4. The Program committee shall follow the organizational timeline in order that faculty are invited, the program developed, and arrangements made by the headquarters’ staff to distribute the program. All accepted abstracts will be published unless withdrawn by the author.
  5. Those who have submitted abstracts and titles for the program will be informed as quickly as possible of the action of the committee after its deliberations.



-Publications Committee will work with the Board of Directors to maintain the relationship between the Association, the Editors-in- Chief and the publisher.
The Committee will:
-Maintain familiarity with the policies governing publications and publications related social media
-Provide oversight for the editorial policies of publications (listed below)
-Provide guidance and advice to the Editors
Review the publications’ financials
-Serve as an interface between the Association and its Editors-in- Chief
Respect the editorial independence of the editors
Advise the Board on new directions for the journal program and publications
-Develop surveys regarding readership needs and publication goals
-Provide strategic direction for use of social media to promote the journals
-Review key publication metrics – submissions, web analytics, downloads, page views, distribution, impact factor

Publications Committee Roster

Sareh Parangi, Chair (2019-2021)
Jonathon Russell, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Ricardo Correa (2018-2021)
Omar El Kawkgi (2019-2022)
Sebastiano Filetti (2018-2021)
Abbey Fingeret (2018-2021)
Sun Lee (2020-2023)
Samuel Refetoff (2018-2021)
David Sharlin (2018-2021)
James Warshaw (2020-2023)
Electron Kebebew, Thyroid® EIC
Angela Leung, Clinical Thyroidology® EIC
William Inabnet, VideoEndocrinology™ EIC
Alan Farwell, CT® for the Public EIC
Board Liaison: Jacqueline Jonklaas
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano, Claudia Crail-Muñoz, Amanda Perl


It is the duty of the Public Health committee to receive, review, and prepare responses to information relevant to public health issues and the thyroid.

Public Health Committee

Kaniksha Desai, Chair (2020-2021)
Michael Bouvet (2018-2021)
Susana Ebner (2018-2021)
Garth Essig (2018-2021)
Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen (2015-2021)
Larry Fox (2018-2021)
Meghan Garstka (2018-2021)
Valeria Guimaraes (2018-2021)
Joanne Rovet (2018-2021)
Marika Russell (2019-2022)
Alex Tessnow (2018-2021)
Board Liaison: Scott Rivkees
Staff Liaison: Claudia Crail-Muñoz, Amanda Perl


To review and disburse press inquiries for appropriate referral.

Public Relations Committee Roster

Peter Kopp (2020-2021)
Martha Zeiger (2020-2021)
Staff Liaison: Amanda Perl


The Research Committee shall be concerned with the following areas:

  • Review and score thyroid research grant applications based on scientific merit and select the projects to be funded.
  • Review thyroid research grant program process and policies annually to ensure it is commensurate with the National Institutes of Health’s standard grant submission process and policies. Make recommendations to change as needed.
  • Evaluate progress of funded thyroid research projects to be reported to the ATA Board and grant funders.
  • Review and approve/decline surveys to be sent as needed.
  • Provide guidance and support as needed to the Signaling Pathways Project to assist in the curation and reusability of datasets that are highly-relevant to investigators in the area of thyroid receptor signaling.
  •   Recommend changes to the grant review process or selection parameters to the Board of Directors as needed.
  • Propose grantees to present at the annual meeting.
  • Update publication citations from the research grants given by the ATA.

Research Committee Roster

Carmelo Nucera, Chair (2020-2021)
Joanna Klubo-Gwiezdzinska, Chair-elect (2020-2021)
Ali Alzahrani (2019-2022)
Salah-Eddine Bouyoucef (2019-2022)
Cintia Citterio (2018-2021)
Kirk Jensen (2016-2022)
Salma Khan (2019-2022)
Iñigo Landa (2020-2023)
Naris Nilubol (2019-2022)
Jesse Pasternak (2019-2022)
Mabel Ryder (2018-2021)
Naykky Singh Ospina (2020-2023)
David Steward (2019-2022)
Erivelto Volpi (2020-2023)
Di Wu (2019-2022)
Board Liaison: Douglas Forrest
Staff Liaison: Josette Paige, Sharleene Cano


The Surgical Affairs Committee seeks to improve patient care by fostering multidisciplinary, collaborative interactions through actively participating in the development of clinical practice guidelines, the planning and implementation of educational activities, the identification and encouragement of joint research efforts, and working to increase surgical membership within the ATA.

Surgical Affairs Committee Roster

Michael Singer, Co-Chair (2019-2021)
Linwah Yip, Co-Chair (2020-2022)
Mark Zafereo, Chai-elect (2020-2021)
Rosemarie Metzger, Past Chair (2020-2021)
William Armstrong (2018-2021)
Elizabeth Cottrill (2020-2023)
Keith Forwith (2020-2023)
Elizabeth Grubbs (2018-2021)
Salem Noureldine (2020-2023)
Susan Pitt (2020-2023)
Richard Robbins (2018-2021)
Jennifer Rosen (2019-2022)
David Shonka (2018-2021)
Philip Smith (2019-2022)
Tracy Wang (2018-2021)
Board Liaison: Martha Zeiger
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano


The Trainees and Career Advancement Committee shall create and promote professional development and career advancement opportunities for trainees and early career professionals who are interested in advancing their knowledge of thyroid physiology, disease and treatment.

Trainees and Career Advancement Roster

Sara Ahmadi, Co-Chair (2020-2021)
Aime Franco, Co-Chair (2019-2021)
Debbie Chen (2020-2023)
Frederick Drake (2020-2023)
Camilo Gonzalez (2020-2023)
Poorani Goundan (2018-2021)
Meredith Hartley (2020-2023)
Shuchie Jaggi (2020-2023)
Aarti Mathur (2019-2022)
Lilah Morris-Wiseman (2017-2021)
Theodora Pappa (2020-2023)
Jay Silverberg (2018-2021)
Johnson Thomas (2018-2021)
Soumya Thumma (2020-2023)
Marilene Wang (2017-2021)
Steven Weitzman (2015-2021)
Dorina Ylli (2019-2022)
Ai Yoshihara (2019-2022)
Board Liaison: Celeste Hart
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano

GOALS of Women in Thyroidology (WIT):

Recruit and retain more women ATA members.

  • More than 50% of graduating medical students and about 50% of endocrine fellows are women, 37% of ATA members are women (up from 10% in 2002).
  • Actively recruit women endocrine fellows, members of other medical and scientific organizations, and authors of ATA abstracts and other publications about the thyroid.
  • Welcome and mentor new women Associate Members to promote collegiality, network scientifically and socially, and encourage progressing to Active Membership.

Increase women’s visibility within ATA.

  • Nominate more qualified women to committee and leadership positions.
  • Encourage and promote the nomination of more women for ATA awards.
  • Suggest the names of women to participate in the annual meeting scientific program.

Better address women’s thyroid health topics at ATA and other meetings.

  • Increase coverage of autoimmune thyroid disease, maternal hypothyroidism, and thyroid disease and obesity.

Engage Women in Thyroidology in technology to promote professional and personal interaction.

Women in Thyroidology Roster

Regina Castro, President (2020-2021)
Megan Haymart, Past President (2020-2021)
Angela Leung, President-elect (2020-2021)
Debbie Chen (2019-2022)
Sophie Yaseman Dream (2019-2022)
Natalia Genere (2020-2023)
Michele Merten (2020-2023)
Jennifer Marie Perkins (2017-2021)
Lourdes Quintanilla-Dieck (2018-2021)
Rebecca Schweppe (2019-2022)
Naykky Singh Ospina (2020-2023)
Jessica Smith (2020-2023)
Staff Liaison: Carrie Prewitt

Research Grant Evaluation Task Force

Thomas Giordano, Co-Chair
Megan Haymart, Co-Chair
Erik Alexander
Douglas Forrest
Aarti Mathur
Carmelo Nucera
Sara Pai
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano

Medullary Thyroid Cancer Registry

Multi-lateral Conference – Martinique

Thyroid ®

Editor-in-Chief: Electron Kebebew
The leading, peer-reviewed resource for original articles, patient-focused reports, and translational research on thyroid cancer and all thyroid related diseases.

Thyroid® Editorial Board

Electron Kebebew

Associate Editors

Sheue-yann Cheng
Leonidas H. Duntas
Megan Haymart
Laszlo Hegedüs
Elizabeth N. Pearce
Joachim Pohlenz
Douglas Ross

Social Media Editor

Trevor Angell

Editorial Board

Takashi Akamizu
Ali S. Alzahrani
Fereidoun Azizi
Jung Hwan Baek
Giuseppe Barbesino
Justine Barletta
Carlos Benbassat
Antonio C. Bianco
Martin Biermann
Myriem Boufraqech
Bernadette Biondi
Gabriela Brenta
Ashish Chintakuntlawar
Luca Chiovato
Ricardo Correa
Louise Davies
Quan-Yang Duh
Cosimo Durante
Rossella Elisei
Charles H. Emerson – EDITOR EMERITUS
Laura Fozzatti
Benjamin Gigliotti
Luca Giovanella
Melanie Goldfarb
Haixia Guan
Shirin Haddady
Jerome Hershman – EDITOR EMERITUS
Yasuhiro Ito
Sissy M. Jhiang
Jacqueline Jonklaas
Won Bae Kim
Won Gu Kim
Edna T. Kimura
Shioko Kimura
Cari Kitahara
Irwin Klein
Joanna Klubo-Gwiezdzinska
Josef Köhrle
Tim Korevaar
Sophie Leboulleux
Virginia A. LiVolsi
Spyridoula Maraka
Cary N. Mariash
Aarti Mathur
Sandra McLachlan
Don McLeod
Marco Medici
Akira Miyauchi
Yuji Nagayama
Carmelo Nucera
Tania Ortiga Carvalho
Maria Papaleontiou
Ralf Paschke
Richard Payne
Robin Peeters
Luca Persani
Gregory Randolph
Basil Rapoport
Salman Razvi
Scott Rivkees
Anna Sawka
Arthur B. Schneider
Carolyn Seib
Yun-Bo Shi
Christine Spitzweg
Cord Sturgeon
Gerasimos Sykiotis
David Taieb
Weiping Teng
Franklin Tessler
Yaron Tomer
Lori J. Wirth
Shunichi Yamashita

Editorial Office

Sharleene Cano, CAE

Clinical Thyroidology ®

Editor-in-Chief: Angela M. Leung
Commentaries of the latest and impactful articles in the clinical thyroid literature are an important resource for those who care for patients with both benign and malignant thyroid disease.

Clinical Thyroidology® Editorial Board

Angela M. Leung

Associate Editors

Trevor E. Angell
Martin Biermann
Bernadette Biondi
Juan P. Brito
David S. Cooper
Tyler C. Drake
Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen
Gary L. Francis
Benjamin J. Gigliotti
Haixia Guan
Brian W. Kim
Sun Y. Lee
Jochen H. Lorch
Spyridoula Maraka
Donald S.A. McLeod
Akira Miyauchi
Lilah F. Morris-Wiseman
Lisa A. Orloff
Naykky Singh Ospina
Maria Papaleontiou
Jesse D. Pasternak
Mary H. Samuels
Marius N. Stan
Daniel J. Toft
Erivelto Volpi
Jerome Hershman – Editor Emeritus

VideoEndocrinology ™

Editor-in-Chief: William B. Inabnet III
Peer-reviewed videos of cutting-edge surgical and diagnostic imaging procedures covering thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal tumors and diseases, with minimally invasive, robotic, and open surgical procedures.

VideoEndocrinology™ Editorial Board

William B. Inabnet III

Associate Editors      

Ralph P. Tufano
R. Michael Tuttle
Michael W. Yeh

Social Media Editor

James Wu

Editor Emeritus

Gerard M. Doherty, MD

Editorial Board  

Angkoon Anuwong
Eren Berber
Bruno Carnaille
Sally Carty
Shih-Ping Cheng
Giovanni Dapri
Quan-Yang Duh
Daniel Kelly
Stephanie Lee
Mira Milas
Barbra Miller
Sareh Parangi
Nancy Perrier
Gregory Randolph
Michael Singer
Brendan Stack
Cord Sturgeon
Hyunsek Suh
David Terris
Bo Wang

Clinical Thyroidology® for the Public

Clinical Thyroidology® for the Public summarizes selected research studies discussed in the previous month’s issue of Clinical Thyroidology, an official publication of the American Thyroid Association®.

Clinical Thyroidology® for the Public Editorial Board

Alan P. Farwell

Editorial Board

Jessie Block-Galaraza
Gary Bloom
Susana Ebner
Alina Gavrila
Melanie Goldfarb
Shirin Haddady
Sun Lee
Joshua Klopper
Priya Mahajan
Maria Papaleontiou
Jason D. Prescott
Marjorie Safran
Anna M. Sawka
Phillip Segal
Vibhavsu Sharma
Ebru Sulanc
Whitney Woodmansee

Differentiated Thyroid Cancer Guidelines Task Force

Matthew Ringel, Co-Chair
Julie Ann Sosa, Co-Chair
Zubair Baloch
Lindsay Bischoff
Gary Bloom
Gregory Brent
Pamela Lyn Brock
Whitney Goldner
Elizabeth Grubbs
Megan Haymart
Steven Larson
Sophie Leboulleux
Angela Leung
Joseph Osborne
John (Drew) Ridge
Bruce Robinson
Mabel Ryder
David Steward
Ralph Tufano
Lori Wirth
Board Liaison: Megan Haymart
Staff Liaison: Kelly Hoff

Thyroid Nodules Guidelines Task Force

Susan Mandel, Co-Chair
Lisa Orloff, Co-Chair
Trevor Angell
Victor Bernet*
Edmund Cibas
Cosimo Durante
Jill Langer
Ana Luiza Maia
Sarah Mayson
David McFadden
Maisie Shindo
Jennifer Sipos
Carmen Solorzano
Michael Yeh
Staff Liaison: Kelly Hoff
*Denotes Task Force member and Board Liaison

Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Guidelines Task Force

Andrew Bauer, Co-Chair
Steven Waguespack, Co-Chair
Jonathan Wasserman, Co-Chair
Adina Alazraki
Emily Christison-Lagay
Catherine Dinauer
Gary Francis
Aime Franco
Mary Frates
Melanie Goldfarb
Sara Monaco
Jeffrey Rastatter
Ari Wassner
Gregory Wiseman
Board Liaison: Scott Rivkees
Staff Liaison: Carrie Prewitt, Kelly Hoff

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The charge of this task force will be to:

1. Assess diversity and inclusivity across all arms and activities of the organization. We would like to consider diversity broadly: gender, age, area of specialty, race/ethnicity, geography, career stage and other parameters.

2. Consider ways in which the ATA could be made more broadly welcoming or more equitable, and encourage member engagement. Can we learn from best practices of other institutions or societies?

3. Investigate metrics for how we can track progress towards our goals of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Should we be gathering more kinds of demographic or other information about our members?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Roster

Regina Castro, Co-Chair
Ernest Asamoah, Co-Chair
Brittany Avin McKelvey
Naifa Busaidy **
Maria Cabanillas
David Cooper
Aime Franco
Celeste Hart
Sissy Jhiang
Richard Kloos
Tim Korevaar
Angela Leung **
Sandra Daniel Licht
Spyridoula Maraka
Michele Merten
Leila Shobab
Catherine Sinclair
Jennifer Sipos
Staff Liaison: Adonia Calhoun Coates

Survey Evaluation

The charge of the Survey Evaluation Task Force is to design and pilot a formal ATA  policy with respect to surveys of its membership and surveys of patients. The task force is asked to first review the policies of sister organizations in the US and elsewhere (e.g. Endocrine Society, European Thyroid Association, Society of Surgical Oncology) with respect to surveys of their members in order to obtain background information to guide what the ATA’s policies and procedures for survey evaluation and approval should be.

Survey Evaluation Roster

Melanie Goldfarb, Co-Chair
Joshua Klopper, Co-Chair **
Anupam Kotwal
Sun Lee
Carrie Lubitz
Donald McLeod
Maria Papaleontiou
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano

ATA Centennial Task Force

Peter Kopp, Co-Chair
Elizabeth Pearce, Co-Chair
Sara Ahmadi
Frances Carr
David Cooper
Valerie Galton
Avital Harari
Jerome Hershman
Michael McDermott
Caroline Nguyen
Michael Singer
Jennifer Sipos
Bobbi Smith
Connie Trump
Ralph Tufano
Leonard Wartofsky
Michael Yeh
Board Liaison: Victor Bernet
Staff Liaison: Sharleene Cano, Amanda Perl


ATA Education and Outreach Task Force

Sanziana Roman, Co-Chair
J. Woody Sistrunk, Co-Chair
Devaprabu Abraham
Laura Boucai
Xiaoyin Jiang
Jennifer Hong Kuo
Maya Lodish
Louis Pangaro
Jennifer Perkins
Jonathon Russell
Yaron Tomer
Colleen Veloski
Mark Zafereo
Board Liaison: Joshua Klopper
Staff Liaison: Adonia Calhoun Coates