Thyroid Q & A

Thank you very much for your excellent Web site. It is easy to navigate and has a lot of very good information, including referral information. I would like to air one frustration, however; there does not seem to be much patient information regarding what to expect after a total thyroidectomy. As a health care professional for many years, and now 18 months post-thyroidectomy, I am surprised at the dearth of information regarding this issue. Except for calcium issues, there is very little on the Web. I would imagine the population needing this information would be relatively small, but it would make live so much easier knowing the emotional and physical aspects of your life that can be changed by this surgery and how to deal with these issues. Thanks again for your good work. (August 2008) — Read Answer

I am 87 years old and was told I have an enlarged thyroid (goiter). It is pressing on my voice box; I am hoarse all the time and short of breath. Are all enlarged thyroids just goiters? Is it possible it could be cancer? What causes this condition? Is surgery the only option or is it best to leave it alone? I have a heart problem as well as chronic back pain. Any information or advice you can provide will be appreciated. (December 19, 2007)Read Answer

I have recently been diagnosed with a recurrence of papillary thyroid cancer in the right upper lobe of my lung. I have thyroglobulin antibodies. How much of a difference does this make to my blood thyroglobulin levels as far as accuracy? (September 18, 2007) — Read Answer

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 I have Hashimoto’s Disease and have been on thyroid hormone for 7 months now.  I’m finding it very hard to lose weight.  I’ve given much effort to food selections and exercising (jogging 10 miles/week).  After one month, I see very little change in the numbers on the scale and in my clothes.  Is this a lost cause??? (December 12, 2006) — Read Answer

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