May 25th World Thyroid DayWorld Thyroid Day…and ATA Members are the First String Players in the Awareness Game

On May 25th the American Thyroid Association (ATA) in cooperation with the European Thyroid Association the Asia-Oceania Thyroid Association and the Latin American Thyroid Society, will make an extraordinary effort to do what we do year-round—focus attention on “the gland” that causes such widespread “dis-ease” throughout the globe. As ATA members, you are the “first string” players in awareness efforts. Here’s what you can do:

  • Send out copies of our World Thyroid Day press release  to members of your local print and broadcast media. Add your own quotes, and volunteer to speak on radio or TV.
  • Include links to the ATA website from your website.
  • Refer patients to the Public and Patients  or Thyroid Disease Symptoms section of our site to find information
  • Download ATA Brochures and FAQs to give patients access to reliable info about their disease. (You can even personalize the front cover of PDF versions with your name and practice info.)