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Clinical Thyroidology for Patients

Clinical Thyroidology for Patients is a collection of summaries of recently published articles from the medical literature that covers the broad spectrum of thyroid disorders.

Starting with the May 2009 issue, Clinical Thyroidology for Patients will be published on a monthly basis and include summaries of research studies that were discussed in the previous month’s issue of Clinical Thyroidology, a publication of the American Thyroid Association for physicians. Dr. Mazzaferri is the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical

July 2010 Volume 3 Issue 7

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Editor’s Comments

THYROID AND PREGNANCY Thyroid hormone replacement in pregnancy
Yassa et al. Thyroid hormone early adjustment in pregnancy (The THERAPY Trial). J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2010; May 12 [Epub ahead of print].
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HYPOTHYROIDISM AND PREGNANCY Pregnant women with mild hypothyroidism may be at increased risk for breech presentation at delivery
Kuppens SM et al. Maternal thyroid function during gestation is related to breech presentation at term. Clin Endocrinology (Oxf) Volume 72, Issue 6, June, 2010, pp 820-824
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THYROID Prophylactic central-compartment lymph node dissection may be indicated in some patients with papillary thyroid microcarcinoma
So YK et al. Subclinical lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid microcarcinoma: a study of 551 resections. Surgery 2010. doi:10.1016/j.surg.2010.01.003
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THYROID CANCER Lymph node surgery for papillary thyroid cancer
Al-Saif O et al. Long-term efficacy of lymph node reoperation for persistent thyroid papillary cancer. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2010:95:2187-94.[pii];101210/jc.2009-2528 [doi].
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THYROID CANCER In patients with thyroid cancer, total thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine improves the survival rate but not the cancer recurrence
Doi SA et al. Total thyroidectomy followed by postsurgical remnant ablation may improve cancer specific survival in differentiated thyroid carcinoma. Clin Nucl Med 2010.
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