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The Official Journal of: American Thyroid Association

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Delphian Lymph Node Dissection: Surgical Dissection Technique as Illustrated by the Johns Hopkins Head and Neck Endocrine Surgery Division
Vaninder K. Dhillon, Jonathon O. Russell, Ralph P. Tufano 

Postoperative Continuous Pressure Monitoring in Thyroid Surgery: Pathophysiology of Post-Thyroidectomy Hemorrhage
Ulrich Wirth, Thomas von Ahnen, Stefan Schopf, Hans Martin Schardey 

An Elusive Parathyroid: Interesting Case Presentation
Anton F. Engelsman, Robert F. Parkyn, Andrew Carter, James Christie, Leigh W. Delbridge 

Transaxillary Robotic Parathyroidectomy: Huge Parathyroid Adenoma
Patrick Aidan, Maroun Bechara