This image shows that the 90th ATA annual meeting will be virtual and held on September 30 to October 3 2021.

90th Annual Meeting Sponsorships

Participate in this year’s meeting as a sponsor!

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Reach your target audience this year as a sponsor! The 90th Annual Meeting of the ATA offers sponsorship options
and packages that are designed to provide visibility with leading thyroid-endocrine experts as well as, the next
generation in the field of thyroidology. By signing up to participate, you will reach clinicians and researchers who
work in a variety of settings, including academia, private practice, group practice, hospitals, military/government, and
independent research institutions. Our members treat patients and conduct clinical, translational and basic research
across the field of thyroidology. From thyroid cancer to hypothyroidism and thyroid eye disease, attendees look for
the latest breakthroughs and treatment protocols to improve patient outcomes.

As a sponsor of the ATA’s 90th Annual Meeting, you will benefit from:

• Unmatched collegiality and direct access to the decision-makers in thyroidology
• Access to contacts to expand your business and team productivity
• Networking with leading global thyroid specialists dedicated to innovation, team-based approaches to treatment
and care, excellence in practice and education

We have thoughtfully designed this year’s partner prospectus to provide optimal visibility over the course of the
ATA’s four-day annual meeting. We invite you to review the variety of opportunities available and look forward to
welcoming you to our event this fall!

Do not miss your opportunity to engage with the full spectrum of thyroid professionals and hear state of the art science and clinical management information.

This year’s opportunities include:

  • Early Riser Sponsored CME Sessions
  • CME Sponsorships/Educational Grants
  • Networking event sponsorships
  • Virtual Photo Booth Sponsorship
  • …and more!

Questions about sponsorships?  Contact Josette Paige.

Questions about CME grants and other corporate partnerships?  Contact Kelly Hoff.