Plenary and Award Lectures, Latest Research on Thyroid Disease and Cancer, Hot Topic Debates, and Oral and Poster Presentations Featured at American Thyroid Association Annual Meeting

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September 20, 2016 — Key opinion leaders, thyroid specialists, clinical and basic researchers, and young trainees will come together for five exciting and information-filled days of symposia, scientific presentations, and discussions on the latest advances in thyroidology and clinical management of thyroid disease as members of the American Thyroid Association (ATA) gather in Denver, Colorado for the 86th Annual Meeting of the ATA. With nearly 1300 registered attendees to date, and 395 regular abstracts and 77 late breaking abstracts submitted, the meeting promises to be an outstanding educational and networking opportunity.

Thomas R. Cech, Ph.D., a recipient of the 1989 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Distinguished Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, will deliver a Plenary Lecture entitled “Precision Medicine – From Iodine-131 to CRISPR Genome Editing.” A second Plenary Lecture, entitled ” Thyroid Circadian Timing: Roles in Physiology and Thyroid Malignancies,” will be presented by Charna Dibner, MD, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

86th Annual Meeting of the ATA. With nearly 1300 registered attendees to date, and 395 regular abstracts and 77 late breaking abstracts submitted, the meeting promises to be an outstanding educational and networking opportunity.

The meeting’s Opening Session “Thyroid Breaking News” will feature several topics: “New Insights into the Link Between Thyroid Hormone Signaling and Longevity”; “Disorders of Thyroid Hormone Action: Update on Pathogenetic Mechanisms and Treatment”; and “Changing Attitudes to the Most Common Endocrine Malignancy, T1 PTC.”

The ATA will announce the recipient of the 2016 Van Meter Award at the meeting, and the winner, recognized for outstanding contributions to research on the thyroid gland or related subjects, will present the Van Meter Award Lecture. The recipient of the 2016 Paul Starr Award, will also be announced and will deliver the Paul Starr Award Lecture entitled “BRAF in Prognostication of Thyroid Cancer — Where Are We Now?” The title of this year’s Sidney H. Ingbar Award Lecture is “Two Decades of the Na+/I- Symporter (NIS): Reflections and the Road Ahead.” The winner of the 2016 Lewis E. Braverman Lectureship Award will speak on “Deiodinases, Cofactors & the Low T3 Syndrome.” The ATA will also present the John B. Stanbury Thyroid Pathophysiology Medal and the 2016 Distinguished Service Award.

Several informative symposia will take place throughout the meeting, including the Peter Laurberg Memorial Symposium, the topic of which is “Iodine in Thyroid Disorders.”  The title of this year’s Arthur Bauman Symposium is “The Thyroid-Diet-Obesity Connection.” Other symposia will focus on “Cross-Spectrum — Translational Thyroid Biology”; “Thyroid Development”; and the “Thyroid Cancer-Immunity Nexus.” The symposium entitled “Radioactive Iodine in the Treatment of Thyroid Cancer” will include the following presentations: “What is the Right Dose: Empiric Dosing vs. Dosimetry?”; “Challenges of Thyroid Imaging”; and “Redifferentiation Prior to Radioactive Iodine Therapy.”

Dr. Antonio Bianco, President of the American Thyroid Association, says “This is one of the most exciting programs in recent years and I am sure that attendees will not be disappointed.”


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