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From Clinical Thyroidology:  Even a Partially Functioning Thyroid Is Better than Thyroxine Substitution AloneThe adequacy of substitution therapy with thyroxine preparations in patients who have undergone thyroidectomy is judged mostly on the basis of serum TSH values during regular surveillance.

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From Clinical Thyroidology for the Public:  THYROID CANCER Increasing trend of thyroid cancer.

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Primary Medical Treatment of Thyrotropin–Secreting Pituitary Adenomas by First-Generation Somatostatin Analogs: A Case Study of Seven Patients  Frédérique Rimareix, Solange Grunenwald, Delphine Vezzosi, Louis-David Rivière, Antoine Bennet, Philippe Caron
Thyroid. August 2015, 25(8): 877-882.

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