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World Thyroid Day is Heralded by International Thyroid Societies

May 25th World Thyroid DayAmerican Thyroid Association collaborates with the European Thyroid Association, the Asia & Oceania Thyroid Association and the Latin American Thyroid Society

On May 25th the American Thyroid Association (ATA) (, in cooperation with international sister societies, the European Thyroid Association (, the Asia & Oceania Thyroid Association (, and the Latin American Thyroid Society ( , will be making an extraordinary effort to do what it does year-round—focus attention on that small butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck that causes some 20 million Americans to experience “dis-ease” of one form or another. Read more…

Volunteer for ATA Committee Service

Dr. Antonio Bianco, ATA president-elect, invites you to volunteer for committee service to the ATA. The 3 year term of committee service begins at the ATA Annual Business Meeting on Monday, October 19, 2015 during the 15th International Thyroid Congress (ITC), hosted by the ATA. Please submit your name, email and 3 choices of committees that you would like to join.

Clinical Thyroidology – Highlighted Article

From Clinical Thyroidology:  The Incidence of Graves’ Hyperthyroidism Increases in Early Pregnancy and the Late Postpartum Period - Hyperthyroidism in women of reproductive age is predominantly caused by Graves’ disease….

Thyroid Highlighted Article

Prognostic Value of Vascular Invasion in Well-Differentiated Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
Volkert B. Wreesmann, Iain J. Nixon, Michael Rivera, Nora Katabi, Frank Palmer, Ian Ganly, Ashok R. Shaha, R. Michael Tuttle, Jatin P. Shah, Snehal G. Patel, Ronald A. Ghossein
Thyroid. May 2015, 25(5): 503-508.