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Patients’ Reaction to Diagnosis with Thyroid Cancer or an Indeterminate Thyroid Nodule
Susan C. Pitt, Megan C. Saucke, Elizabeth M. Wendt, David F. Schneider, Jason Orne, Cameron L. Macdonald, Nadine P. Connor, and Rebecca S. Sippel  

Indications and Strategy for Active Surveillance of Adult Low-Risk Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma: Consensus Statements from the Japan Association of Endocrine Surgery Task Force on Management for Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma
Iwao Sugitani, Yasuhiro Ito, Dai Takeuchi, Hirotaka Nakayama, Chie Masaki, Hisakazu Shindo, Masanori Teshima, Kazuhiko Horiguchi, Yusaku Yoshida, Toshiharu Kanai, Mitsuyoshi Hirokawa, Kiyomi Y. Hames, Isao Tabei, and Akira Miyauchi  

The Effect of Radioactive Iodine Therapy on Ovarian Function and Fertility in Female Thyroid Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Marceline W. Piek, Emily L. Postma, Rachel van Leeuwaarde, Jan Paul de Boer, Annelies M.E. Bos, Christianne Lok, Marcel Stokkel, Mando D. Filipe, and Iris M.C. van der Ploeg 

New Formulations of Levothyroxine in the Treatment of Hypothyroidism: Trick or Treat?
Endre V. Nagy, Petros Perros, Enrico Papini, Monika Katko, and Laszlo Hegedüs