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 Seasonal Changes in Serum Thyrotropin Concentrations Observed from Big Data Obtained During Six Consecutive Years from 2010 to 2015 at a Single Hospital in Japan 
Ai Yoshihara, Jaeduk Yoshimura Noh, Natsuko Watanabe, Kenji Iwaku, Yo Kunii, Hidemi Ohye, Miho Suzuki, Masako Matsumoto, Nami Suzuki, Kiminori Sugino, Linda M. Thienpont, Akira Hishinuma, Koichi Ito  

Hypothyroidism During Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Therapy Is Associated with Longer Survival in Patients with Advanced Nonthyroidal Cancers
Melissa G. Lechner, Chirag M. Vyas, Ole-Petter R. Hamnvik, Erik K. Alexander, P. Reed Larsen, Toni K. Choueiri, Trevor E. Angell  

Quantitative Analysis of the Benefits and Risk of Thyroid Nodule Evaluation in Patients ≥70 Years Old
Zhihong Wang, Chirag M. Vyas, Olivia Van Benschoten, Matt A. Nehs, Francis D. Moore, Jr., Ellen Marqusee, Jeffrey F. Krane, Matthew I. Kim, Howard T. Heller, Atul A. Gawande, Mary C. Frates, Peter M. Doubilet, Gerard M. Doherty, Nancy L. Cho, Edmund S. Cibas, Carol B. Benson, Justine A. Barletta, Ann Marie Zavacki, P. Reed Larsen, Erik K. Alexander, Trevor E. Angell

Occurrence of Endocrine and Thyroid Cancers Among Alaska Native People, 1969-2013
Sarah H. Nash, Anne P. Lanier, Molly B. Southworth  

Subclassification of Bethesda Atypical and Follicular Neoplasm Categories According to Nuclear and Architectural Atypia Improves Discrimination of Thyroid Malignancy Risk
Joel Xue Yi Lim, Min En Nga, Dedrick Kok Hong Chan, Wee Boon Tan,Rajeev Parameswaran, Kee Yuan Ngiam