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Thyroid Volume 30 Issue 5 May 2020

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Thyroid Hormone Analogues: An Update
Riccardo Zucchi

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 42 Months After Thyroxine Supplementation in Infants Below 28 Weeks’ Gestation: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Sze May Ng, Mark A. Turner, and A. Michael Weindling 

A Prospective Mixed-Methods Study of Decision-Making on Surgery or Active Surveillance for Low-Risk Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Anna M. Sawka, Sangeet Ghai, Tom Yoannidis, Lorne Rotstein, Patrick J. Gullane, Ralph W. Gilbert, Jesse D. Pasternak, Dale H. Brown, Antoine Eskander, John R. de Almeida, Jonathan C. Irish, Kevin Higgins, Danny J. Enepekides, Eric Monteiro, Avik Banerjee, Manish Shah, Everton Gooden, Afshan Zahedi, Mark Korman, Shereen Ezzat, Jennifer M. Jones, Valeria E. Rac, George Tomlinson, Aleksandra Stanimirovic, Amiram Gafni, Nancy N. Baxter, and David P. Goldstein 

Effects of an Iodine-Containing Prenatal Multiple Micronutrient on Maternal and Infant Iodine Status and Thyroid Function: A Randomized Trial in The Gambia
Kamilla G. Eriksen, Maria Andersson, Sandra Hunziker, Michael B. Zimmermann, and Sophie E. Moore 

Household Coverage with Adequately Iodized Salt and Iodine Status of Nonpregnant and Pregnant Women in Uzbekistan
Fabian Rohner, Fakhriddin Nizamov, Nicolai Petry, Feruza Yuldasheva, Saydiganikhodja Ismailov, Rita Wegmüller, Sufang Guo, James P. Wirth, and Bradley A. Woodruff