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By March 11, 2021 Featured, Thyroid Journal
Thyroid Volume 31 Issue 2 February 2021

Latest Impact Factor: 5.309
The Official Journal of: American Thyroid Association®

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Image-Guided Thyroid Ablation: Proposal for Standardization of Terminology and Reporting Criteria
Giovanni Mauri, Claudio Maurizio Pacella, Enrico Papini, Luigi Solbiati, Shraga Nahum Goldberg, Muneeb Ahmed, and Luca Maria Sconfienza

Active Surveillance for T1bN0M0 Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma
Toshihiko Sakai, Iwao Sugitani, Aya Ebina, Osamu Fukuoka, Kazuhisa Toda, Hiroki Mitani, and Keiko Yamada 

Afirma Gene Sequencing Classifier Compared with Gene Expression Classifier in Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules
Mayumi Endo, Fadi Nabhan, Kyle Porter, Katie Roll, Lawrence A. Shirley, Irina Azaryan, Dena Tonkovich, Jeanette Perlick, Laura E. Ryan, Raheela Khawaja, Shumei Meng, John E. Phay, Matthew D. Ringel, and Jennifer A. Sipos 

Antigen-Specific Immunotherapy with Thyrotropin Receptor Peptides in Graves’ Hyperthyroidism: A Phase I Study
Simon H.S. Pearce, Colin Dayan, David C. Wraith, Kevin Barrell, Natalie Olive, Lotta Jansson, Terrie Walker-Smith, Christina Carnegie, Keith F. Martin, Kristien Boelaert, Jackie Gilbert, Claire E. Higham, Ilaria Muller, Robert D. Murray, Petros Perros, Salman Razvi, Bijay Vaidya, Florian Wernig, and George J. Kahaly

Ultrasound-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation Versus Surgery for Low-Risk Papillary Thyroid Microcarcinoma: Results of Over 5 Years’ Follow-Up
Mingbo Zhang, Ralph P. Tufano, Jonathon O. Russell, Ying Zhang, Yan Zhang, Zhi Qiao, and Yukun Luo