15th International Thyroid Congress – Ridgway Trainees’ Conference Case Discussions 2015

15th ITC

Case study discussion sessions are one of the most exciting sessions during the E. Chester Ridgway Trainees’ Conference (Ridgway).

Three of the Ridgway Trainee Conference sessions will consist of case presentations by trainees to experts in the thyroid field in the following topic areas:

  • Abnormal Thyroid Function on Wednesday, October 21 with Gisah Carvalho, Stephanie L. Lee, Peter A. Singer
  • Thyroid Nodules on Tuesday, October 20 with Susan J. Mandel, Laszlo Hegedus, Hans Graf
  • Thyroid Cancer on Monday, October 19 with Rossella Elisei, Ana O. Hoff, Paolo Miccoli, Martin Schlumberger

We invite every trainee to submit a case. These sessions are highly interactive, very educational and informative. If you have seen an interesting case in one of these topic areas please submit a brief summary of the case in the form below. If selected you will be asked to present your case(s) to the experts but it is very informal. We encourage the submission of multiple cases.

Don’t miss your opportunity to submit a case study to be considered for discussion during the meeting. Case studies are accepted up until Friday, September 25, 2015. We will notify you if your case has been selected for presentation by early October.

We look forward to reviewing your case!