Patricia Shen Chi Wu, MDActive Member

Patricia Shen Chi Wu, MD
Chief of Endocrinology
Kaiser Permanente San Diego

My interest in thyroid began as a junior resident at the Thyroid Unit at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland working with Tony Toft. During this time, I participated in several clinical research studies that not only sparked my passion for thyroidology but also led to publications. During a research fellowship at Mayo Clinic with Ian Hay and Norman Ederhardt, I explored the world of thyroid cancer through molecular endocrinology research, paving the way towards the current understanding of the molecular genetics of thyroid cancer. I continued with studies of how thyroid hormone effect the cardiac SERCA2 gene with Wolfgang Dillmann at UC San Diego. My current interest is in clinical practice with focus on thyroid diseases. We follow approximately 900 active patients with thyroid cancer in our clinic. I continue to teach at UC San Diego Medical School and am responsible for the thyroid section of the Endocrine Pathology Course.

I was an ATA member as a fellow and attended several annual meetings where I was able to network and meet many ATA members who became friends, colleagues and mentors. The presentations were always of the highest quality and relevance. The world of thyroid is moving at a rapid pace and I keep up with it by being a member of the ATA.

Dumitru Ioachim, MDCorresponding Member

Dumitru Ioachim, MD
C I Parhon Endocrinology Institute Bucharest Romania

I work as a pathologist and cytopathologist in thyroid and parathyroid surgical pathology field. My professional expertise is situated at the intersection between clinical endocrinology – thyroidology , surgery, oncology and imagery.

I find ATA and its journals as the most interesting multidisciplinary arena, responding to my professional aspirations. I have been reading Thyroid for more than 10 years, and believe it is one of the best journals I follow in my career.

Nobuhiro Fukunari, MD, PhDCorresponding Member

Nobuhiro Fukunari, MD, PhD
Endocrine Surgeon
Showa University School of Medicine
Yokohama , Japan

I am a Japanese Endocrine Surgeon and also expert of thyroid ultrasound and interventions. Number of my thyroid surgery has been over 4500 cases and number of thyroid intervention (PEI, RFA) was over 5000 cases. I used to work for Ito Hospital (Tokyo, JPN) with Dr. Ito and Dr. Hiroshi Takami for about 10 years. At present, I have been working for Showa Univ. Hospital as the professor of Surgery and facing on thyroid surgery, imaging diagnosis and intervention.

I would like to join in ATA member and work together in the clinical thyroid fields, which include minimally invasive surgery, differential diagnosis of follicular neoplasm, clinical introduction of thyroid interventions of PEI and RFA for the treatment of not only thyroid benign nodules but malignant cases.

Rachel Lynne Slotcavage, MDAssociate Member

Rachel Lynne Slotcavage, MD
Endocrine Surgery Resident
Cooper Medical School of Rowan
Camden, NJ

As a current chief resident in General Surgery, I am ecstatic to have recently matched into an Endocrine Surgery fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. It is my ambition to practice exclusively Endocrine Surgery in an academic setting, with a focus on thyroid and parathyroid disease.

My interest in ATA membership is two-fold. I have particular interest in clinical treatment guideline development, and aim to be part of the process through the ATA in the future. Also, I have been advised that the trainee resources offered by the ATA are invaluable to someone at my level.

Marie Antoinette Schongar, RNAllied Health Specialist

Marie Antoinette Schongar, RN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Albany Medical College
Albany, NY

When I changed employment in 2011, I initiated learning more and treating thyroid disease in my patients. Many of my diabetes patients have thyroid disease and I wanted to take care of all of their endocrine needs. I also have been doing thyroid biopsies under the supervision of an endocrinologist.Member.

I joined the ATA to get the journals and attend the meetings which help in the treatment of patients with thyroid disease. The ATA offers many things that help me learn more about the cases that are presented at our bimonthly pathology meetings.

Christopher Paul Gilfillan, MD, PhD

Corresponding Member

Christopher Paul Gilfillan, MD, PhD
Eastern Health
Box Hill, Victoria, Australia

This project has a clinical component that seeks to define a nomogram for the prediction of recurrence in thyroid tumours using clinical pathological and genetic information. In addition we are using our growing tissue library to look for previously unknown oncogenic mutations and have already made some novel findings in this area.

The ATA is one of the principle sources of information in the thyroid field and the Thyroid publication is the forum that I would like to publish in. The ATA meetings are also becoming increasingly relevant as fora for developing new research ideas. The guidelines sponsored by the ATA have and will continue to profoundly influence clinical practice world-wide.

Julia Rodiger, PhDAssociate Member

Julia Rodiger, PhD
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD

As a Postdoc at the NIH I analyze the role of thyroid hormones for intestinal stem cell development in mice. Thereby I a generated conditional knockout mouse to investigate the role of PRMT1, a gene that is known to be activated by thyroid hormones and important for Xenopus intestinal development.

My motivation to join the ATA is to link my basic research with clinical implications, to receive new insights in the field of thyroid hormone research as well as to network with fellows in this research field thereby ensuring my future lines of research will have practical applications and strong collaborations.

Steven Richard Bomeli, MD
Associate Member

Steven Richard Bomeli, MD
Georgia Regents University
Augusta , GA

After practicing as a general otolaryngologist for 3 years after completing my residency, I found my true passion for the surgical treatment of thyroid disease. I am currently completing an endocrine surgery fellowship to gain more experience with thyroid and parathyroid surgery and ultimately operate in a high volume center.

Being a member of the ATA will help me stay updated on the current literature and research for the medical and surgical treatment of thyroid diseases.