American Thyroid Association (ATA) Ancillary Events

The ATA recognizes the importance of developing collaborative relationships with corporate and non-profit groups. Collaborations with industry and non-profit partners enable the ATA to foster scientific, clinical and research-based initiatives that benefit the field of endocrinology and the clinicians, surgeons, and researchers engaged in these activities. We are pleased to provide this guidance to our exhibitors, sponsors and supporters planning ancillary events. We recognize the convenience of access to our attendees at one site and want to ensure there are no conflicts with our meeting schedule or space.

This information is provided to assist organizations when submitting requests for ATA Annual Meeting ancillary events. All inquiries for ancillary events must be submitted to All requests for meeting space will need to be approved by the ATA before space can be confirmed by the meeting facility.

Click here for the Ancillary Meeting Request Form


Ancillary events are non-ATA sponsored, non-CME special group events such as industry meetings, internal sales/business meetings, advisory board meetings, roundtable discussions, staff meetings, investigator meetings or receptions for less than 50 people that are held during the official dates of the ATA Annual Meeting within the contracted meeting facility or city of the ATA meeting that include ATA meeting attendees. Ancillary events may be scheduled ONLY during the hours approved by the ATA.

Ancillary meetings must not overlap with ATA scientific sessions, concurrent sessions, poster sessions, award presentations, membership meetings or special events as outlined under our meeting program unless special permission is granted. Ancillary events may be scheduled ONLY during the hours approved by the ATA.

Current Times of ATA Programs:

Wednesday, Sept 27 Thursday, Sept 28 Friday, Sept 29 Saturday, Sept 30 Sunday, Oct 1
7:00 AM – 5:30 PM 7:45 AM – 6:15 PM 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM 7:00 AM – 4:50 PM 8:15 AM – 11:15 AM

(NOTE: scientific session times are subject to change by the Annual Meeting Program Committee). Special consideration will be given to meetings that do not impact ATA attendees or exhibitor personnel. The ATA is not responsible for subsequent schedule changes made by the Annual Meeting Program Committee. Ancillary organizers will be notified if their requested time must be changed.)

Fee: 2023 ATA Annual Meeting Ancillary Event:
$3,000 per event (available to confirmed exhibit and sponsor partners only)/span>

Meeting room located in meeting facility provided by the ATA. NOTE: Space obtained outside of the ATA official meeting venue is also subject to ATA approval and relevant fees. Ancillary events may be listed on the 2023 ATA Annual Meeting website, in the Expo Guide, and the meeting mobile app. Presentation topic and content subject to ATA review/approval.

Medical education and industry partners should contact the ATA if they would like to conduct an on-site education session during the meeting. These are not considered ancillary meetings.  Please note that all pricing is subject to change based on the scope, size and length of the activity. Any additional expenses incurred as a result of room preparation (e.g., labor associated with setting up or tearing down of seating arrangements), the organizer of the event will be held responsible and will be billed for these expenses by the facility, not the ATA.

Organizations that wish to schedule an ancillary meeting or event must submit a form alerting the ATA of its intentions, receive approval from the ATA to proceed and then coordinate logistical details directly with the meeting facility once given the appropriate contact by the ATA. All logistics costs associated with holding an ancillary meeting or event (e.g., food and beverage, audiovisual, internet, marketing, etc.) are the responsibility of the vendor, not the ATA. Requests will be considered on a space available basis. All requests are scheduled at ATA’s discretion. All cancellations and/or reductions of an ancillary event must be submitted in writing using the ATA Refund Request Form. If an exhibitor or sponsor cancels an ancillary event on or before Friday, August 4, 2023, the exhibitor or sponsor is responsible for 50% of the ancillary event costs. After Friday, August 4, 2023, the exhibitor or sponsor is responsible for the full cost of the ancillary event irrespective of the reason for cancellation.


One of the benefits for commercial companies that exhibit, support or sponsor the ATA Annual Meeting is the opportunity to hold ancillary events during the meeting. Exhibitors must secure a contract for exhibit space at the meeting before an ancillary event is accepted and programmed. Non-exhibiting commercial companies are prohibited from advertising, soliciting or otherwise contacting ATA meeting registrants on official ATA meeting space or at ATA contracted-meeting hotels. Requests for meeting space will be rejected if a company has not secured an exhibitor contract or met the sponsor requirement.


All requested ancillary events must be cleared through the ATA Office. Space will be available at the meeting facility only. Once an event is approved, organizers will be sent notification of acceptance, meeting room confirmation and contact information for the hotel representative. Organizers are responsible for making all further arrangements for the event and are responsible for all costs (e.g., audiovisual, food and beverage requirements, audiovisual, internet billing arrangements) directly with the hotel/facility. The hotel will be sent the same information. It is up to the organizers to follow-up with the hotel to reconfirm and make final arrangements.

Important:  ATA does not assist with the planning, funding, or management of ancillary events. Each function will be handled individually and issued a separate contract. The ATA will, however, receive credit against our contract minimums for any relevant services by organizers (e.g., food and beverage, sleeping rooms) for events organized in the ATA contracted facility. Both ATA and the facility have the right to move an event if ATA or the facility determines the space assigned is subsequently needed for an official ATA function or if the space is not best suited in the assigned room. Organizers should study all function contracts made with the meeting facility carefully before signing, paying special attention to cancellation clauses. In the event of a canceled function, each individual organization is responsible to the hotel or facility for lost revenue. ATA does not accept any liability for cancelled events.


Ancillary event organizers must have authorization from the ATA to display signs or distribute brochures or promotional materials in any of the public or registration areas of the meeting facility or hotel. The ATA will display or permit signage outside the meeting room on the day of the event. All signage and displays pre-approved by the ATA and removed at the end of the event. Brochures/fliers may only be distributed from the exhibitor booth during exhibitor hours. Any costs associated with the distribution of authorized promotional materials are the responsibility of the organizers.


Use of the ATA or ATA Annual Meeting logo, trademark, or name in conjunction with publicity is prohibited unless it is pre-approved by the ATA. The ATA or the Annual Meeting of the ATA must not be represented as co-sponsoring an event unless it has been pre-approved by the ATA. Please e-mail to request logo permissions.


To support and help promote ancillary events, the ATA will include the following information in the meeting program materials: (1) Title; (2) Date/time; (3) Location and (4) Room. No other promotion of ancillary events is available through the ATA at this time. To be listed in the ATA Annual Meeting program materials, the appropriate title, date and time of your event must be provided at least 45 days prior to the start date of the meeting.


Organizers of ancillary events must adhere to these rules and guidelines. To complete the ancillary application, organizers must check the box that they have read and agree to the rules and guidelines. Failure to adhere to the policy may result in any or all of the following actions: (1) Cancellation of event; (2) Refusal to allow the company or group to list the information on the ATA Schedule of Events; (3) Refusal to allow organizers the opportunity to hold an event in the future.


Ancillary events (approved by ATA) shall in no way state or imply endorsement of, or support by the ATA for the event, organizer, products or services discussed in announcements, advertising, on any signage or during the presentations.